Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Art of Skinner

I received an Ichat yesterday while sitting at my desk at work from one of my good friends Brent! He informed me that one of my favorite artist right now was having a show at Upper Playground in Portland, It made my day! I had been emailing with this artist back and forth to do some work for our new line coming out, and now I would get to meet him in person and get a in depth look of his work. Get to learn what inspires him, what twisted fucked up thoughts help create such mind blowing pieces! I mean from the colors, to the creatures and monsters! He is a genius. So as I walk in the show, I see a taller gentlemen rocking a faded, torn up Mercyful Fate shirt, and instantly knew that he was the man himself, Skinner! We chatted for a bit, and then he pointed to a box against the wall and told me to grab a pair of the glasses, that this shit was 3D!! That's right 3D! Shit was amazing! So all in all, it was an insane show, by a mellow, super humble, cool ass mother fucker! Here are some of his works!! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!!


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